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                                    Our Motto - Onward and Upward

Our Vision - Challenge, Engage, Inspire

Parents' Association

Current Elected members:
Felicia Welstead
Vice President
Damien de Ryk
Lisette McDonald
Jodie Fox
Class Rep Liaison
Robyn Krawitz
Uniform Shop
Sarah Jones
Marketing and Communications
Sarah Cavalier
We believe that Gardenvale is a wonderful primary school. The Parents Association is about putting the icing on an already terrific cake!
If you would like more information or have some suggestions, please contact Felicia Welstead, Parents’ Association President, on

As much as we are watching our children grow, they too are watching us to see what we choose to do with our lives. Be your child’s inspiration, make a difference and show your child the importance of being an active part of their community.

There is no greater lesson than to lead by example, so choose to contribute to our wonderful school today.

What we do:

The Parents’ Association (PA) works together to enhance the school community and provide meaningful connections between parents, carers, staff and students. We aim to facilitate and develop relationships that will help to advance and support the mission of Gardenvale Primary School.

We welcome and encourage all parents and carers to actively get involved in our activities through attending events, raising funds and supporting the various projects and programs provided by the association and the school.

Most importantly we are a supportive and inclusive association that reflects the diversity of our parents, providing us all with the opportunity to build life-long networks and friendships.

The Gardenvale Primary School Parents' Association aims to:

Proud of our achievements

Our fundraising enables the school to purchase things that benefit the students.

Over the past few years, our PA fundraising efforts have purchased or contributed towards:

As well as smaller purchases like keyboards, data projector, piano, BBQ's, marquee, stage curtain and other classroom equipment.

Building a sense of community

We want your whole family to feel like it belongs here, to make some really good friends to share the schooling experience with, and to look back on the seven or more years you will be with GPS, with happy memories.

So much of what we do also aims at getting families to meet outside of school hours, and this particularly benefits working parents so that they can establish school friends.

Being involved in PA activities, to whatever degree you are able, has one other benefit. It shows your child that you are actively interested and committed to their school, and that you don't always need to benefit directly from helping out.