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BYOD Information / Links

At Gardenvale Primary School, we believe that it is incumbent upon education to be at the forefront of technology and integration. In the 21st century economy and society, the ability to respond flexibly to complex problems, to communicate effectively, to work in teams, to use technology and to produce new knowledge is crucial.


As society continues to change at a rapid rate, driven largely through innovation and technology, we see that it is imperative upon us as educators to keep up, adapt, and prepare our students as thoroughly as possible for the post-school environment that awaits them. Our BYOD program is the impetus for these beliefs and we offer our students an excellent grounding in

preparation for both secondary and tertiary education.

Click here for the school BYOD portal to purchase a laptop, check the status of your order,  log a warranty job or insurance claim.


GPS BYOD 2023-2024 (PDF)


Edunet BYOD - About Us (PDF)

Edunet BYOD Spec Sheet 2023-2024 (PDF)


GPS Digital Learning Policy (PDF)

GPS Media Consent Form (PDF)

Managing Screen Time at Home (PDF)

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