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Our Digital Learning Technologies

Our students will one day compete on a global stage and so they will need new skills to prepare them for further study and jobs, many of which have not even been created. They need skills we call the 4Cs: creativity, communication, collaboration and critical thinking. The rate of change in technology and in society is so rapid that to prepare young people to live, work and be successful in the 21st century, they will need the ability to think both creatively and critically, problem-solve and work collaboratively.


At Gardenvale Primary School, our students are always at the centre of every decision we make about their education. Our challenge, as educators, is to constantly adapt teaching and learning to new technologies and the demands of a global environment where knowledge and skills are the new global currency.

Technology has opened up new forms of learning and creative expression for students. It has allowed them to take greater control of their learning. Students can have a real-time lesson with NASA astronauts, take a virtual tour of the world’s great museums and galleries, contact students in other countries and other parts of Australia and rehearse for performances via video-conference. Technology is breaking down barriers of geography and time zones.

In today’s high-tech world, access to high quality and well managed technological learning tools is an essential component in providing effective and equitable use of technology within the school.

As part of this, Gardenvale Primary School  endeavours to provide:

  • A fully managed BYOD laptop program for all students in Years 4 - 6

  • Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace for Education (Link for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace Parent Info Packs)

  • A fully managed classroom laptop program for all students in Years Prep - Year 3 for classroom programs

  • Sets of  iPads for general and project use in Year Prep - Year 2

  • Japanese language / cultural program has a ratio of 1:1 student iPad / Samsung tablet devices

  • Anytime access to mail, data and applications using cloud based services

  • Access to a range of robotic and coding experiences

  • Experiences and learning opportunities with a STEM focus

  • Dedicated onsite IT support staff

  • Interactive televisions in all Year Prep – Year 6 classrooms

  • Green screen technology in the Performing Arts Centre

  • Go Pro and Osmo cameras for video experiences

  • Gaming devices such as Osmos that are designed with reflective artificial intelligence

  • Afterhours robotic classes for students with an interest in these latest technologies

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