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From The Principal

                                                             A warm welcome to Gardenvale Primary School – an outstanding school that we are all very                                                  proud of. Gardenvale Primary School has been providing excellence in teaching and                                                              learning for 100 years.  Here you will find a dedicated and talented team of staff, hard-                                                          working and engaged students, along with supportive parents. Together we are a team! 

                                                Our students are at the heart of all that we do. We provide an exciting, broad and balanced                                                  curriculum to inspire and motivate our students with opportunities to promote independence,                                                    learn life-long skills and to have aspirations for the future. Students at Gardenvale Primary                                                        School are taught how to care for and support each other, as well as to respect everyone’s                                                      individual differences.  Our student wellbeing ethos is based on our HERRRby Values of                                                          honesty, empathy, resilience, responsibility, respect and be yourself. These values underpin                                                      the way in which the whole school community interacts.



Gardenvale Primary School has a tradition of excellence, maintains a clear and strong focus on student wellbeing, personal growth and striving for academic excellence. Our teaching and learning programs aim to build and develop student understandings, abilities and skills. The exemplary specialist programs we provide are Visual and Performing Arts, Physical Education and Japanese. 


The passionate and professional staff at our school work collaboratively to build a learning community that ensures all students are challenged to achieve their best in all that they do. Our school enjoys strong support from the community and the families who choose to enrol at the school ensure our facilities, resources and equipment are modern, well maintained and used to support the learning programs across all levels of the school.


It is a great honour to serve our student community and I invite you to contact the office to arrange a visit or schedule a school tour.


Onward and Upward

Janine Hall


Principal - Janine Hall

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