Our Teachers

High quality professional learning is one of the cornerstones of our school. We view teaching as a dynamic profession and, as new knowledge about learning, teaching and school leadership emerges, new types of expertise and skills are required by us.


Our teachers engage in ongoing professional learning in order to continuously learn and improve what is taught, how it is taught and how learning is assessed. Through professional learning our staff keep abreast of new knowledge and use it to continually refine conceptual and pedagogical skills for improving student learning.


Our Performance and Development Framework provides for regular review of individual goals and active support in their achievement.

The school has nine high quality teaching teams (Year Prep, Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5, Year 6, Specialists and Educational Support Staff) and a number of teams aligned with the current Strategic Plan.


Our teaching and curriculum teams regularly plan and evaluate teaching effectiveness and student learning outcomes, and participate in team based professional learning.


The organisation of our school remains fluid and flexible so that our staffing profile can be effectively adapted to cater for the emerging learning needs of our students.

Our Professional Learning Community:

Year Prep

Team Leader - Christine Gesuato, Tyler Trevaskis, Chloe Ashlakoff, Kim Webster

Year 1

Team Leader - Peter Monotti, Judi Grossbard, Holly Ife, Victoria Pidhirny

Year 2

Team Leader - Caron Rosenthal, Clem Godfrey, Nathan Grant, Bridget Cooper, Jazmin Valentine

Year 3

Team Leader - Lynette Smith, Tim McRae, Dimi Sfetsas/Tania Spiegel, Rebecca Garrett

Year 4

Team Leader - Bridget Wells, Suzan Grant, Marnie Houghton, Meng Tan

Year 5

Team Leader - Aviva Cohen, Nancy Merrick, Chris Yianni, Cara Willis

Year 6

Team Leader - Debbie Powell, Amy Wilson, Kelly McDonald

Specialist Teachers:

Japanese          -    Kathleen Duquemin

Visual Arts        -    Michele Jones / Berenice Laser

Physical Ed.      -    Kirsten Travis / Holly Kagan

Performing Arts -    Tom Pitts / Ilsa Cook

Education Support: Betty Alexander, Bronwyn Perkin, Candice Novak, Deborah Beanland, Eliza Ballas, Gillian Owens, Jae Hee Lee, Justine Bradley, Kate Dennison, Placida Elusfa, Shelley Stevenson, Sonia Agar, Cassy Gardiner, Aiofe Hopkins-Lichtman, 

Marnie Wilson and Cassandra Galinsky. 

Librarian Technician: Sharon Westwick


ICT Technical Support: Naga Koswara

Maintenance: Peter Hall

Administration: Pauline Dunn, Maree Prosser, Angela Hazel, Sandra West and Heather Taylor