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The Respectful Relationships program currently being undertaken at Gardenvale Primary School, is about embedding a culture of respect and equality across our entire community, from our classrooms to staffrooms, sporting fields, fetes and social events. The Respectful Relationships program supports schools to promote and model respect, positive attitudes and behaviours and teaches our students how to build healthy relationships, resilience and confidence.


On Tuesday June 14, a whole school, multi-age event took place on both campuses as part of our annual Herrrby Week celebrations and Respectful Relationships Program. Herrrby, our school values mascot, is an acronym for Honesty, Empathy, Resilience, Respect, Responsibilty and Being Yourself.  Throughout the week, a variety of activities were planned, including a fun whole school homework task, a staff verses student netball match, a whole school in-house performance and a 'Dance Off"under the COLA to name a few.


Working in mixed aged groups, our students were asked to create and decorate a Gardenvale student character, to be displayed around the school, who depicted their own personal strengths.


During Visual Arts sessions, students also decorated a pebble with their name and face, as well as writing one of their strengths on it. Over 630 pebbles were used to create a "Strength Garden" on the Junior School Campus. 


At 10am this morning, Tuesday 26th April, a whole school commemorative Anzac Day ceremony was held under the COLA on the Senior Campus. In the school’s Centenary year, our neighbour, Jim, an army veteran who also turned 100 earlier this year, was our special guest of honour.

The Flanders poppy has long been a part of Remembrance Day, the ritual that marks the Armistice of 11 November 1918, but it is also being used as part of Anzac Day observances. During the First World War, red poppies were among the first plants to spring up in the devastated battlefields of northern France and Belgium. In soldiers' folklore, the vivid red of the poppy came from the blood of their comrades soaking the ground. The sight of poppies on the battlefield at Ypres in 1915 moved Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae to write the famous poem “In Flanders fields”.

Today during the ceremony, every child in the school held a paper Flanders poppy in memory of all the lives lost in wars, past and present, while our Year 6 students recited part of the poem, “In Flanders Fields” by Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae.

Hopefully it was a very memorable day for Jim and it gave our school the opportunity to reflect and be thankful for the quality of life that we have today.


Tuesday June 15 was the start of HERRRBY WEEK celebrations at Gardenvale Primary School. Throughout the week, the school focused on the HERRRBY values of Honesty, Empathy, Resilience, Respect, Responsibilty and Being Yourself.  A variety of activities were planned, including a fun whole school homework task, a staff verses student netball match where the whole school came to the Senior Campus to cheer on the players, a buddies art activity which addressed the current theme of "Supporting Each Other" and  a “Dance Off” event organised by the Music specialist teacher and Music Captains where HERRRBY arrived and joined in all the fun in the Junior School hall. He even blew out the candles on his special HERRRBY cake!

Year 5 and Year Prep students also entertained everyone with some beautiful songs, including the HERRRBY song.  


Each day the following classroom activities were undertaken:-

  • Discussions such as treating everyone how you would like to be treated, being true to yourself, ways that you can support your friends,what we can all do to make ourselves more resilient.

  • Circle time activies such as sharing why you think it is important to be honest and what does empathy look like.

  • A family homework task of making a poster representing "How you survived lockdown".

  • A focuss on each HERRRBY value over the four days.


Throughout Term 1 and Term 2, Year Prep - Year 6 students commenced creating their annual Mother's Day cards and gifts during their weekly Visual Arts sessions. Every year, each year level makes a different card and gift, using a wide variety of skills and techniques and they are gift wrapped and taken home in time for the Sunday celebrations.

This year, the following gifts were created:-

Year 6: Drawn student faces in glass picture frames with collaged background

Year 5: Hand stitched felt cats with lavender potpourri

Year 4: Collaged love hearts on canvas with stand included

Year 3: Folded owl tea towel with a chocolate egg

Year 2: Collaged flowers in a flower pot on canvas with stand included

Year 1: Black eco shopping bag with flower artwork inserted in pocket

Year P: Collaged picture frame with child’s photo inserted

The cards and gifts are part of a Parents’ Association annual fundraiser and this year all monies are going towards the construction and refurbishment of a new art room on the Senior School campus.